BUYERS - I’m in your CORNER

Whether you're looking for a move-up property or a first time purchase, a relocation, or a lake house or second home, you'll appreciate having me on your side. In the course of listing so many homes for sale I've really learned how to help buyers, because I understand what the seller (and their agent) is looking for from a buyer...and it's usually not as simple as just more money. In this very competitive market, you'll really benefit by having experience in your corner, an agent that knows how to put his buyers first.

Many of you are already great at searching the web for properties and narrowing down the list. You may not know that I can get you access to homes that aren’t even out there on the big sites yet. And where you’ll really see my value is in evaluating places, sorting it out, negotiating and working toward our successful closing, while making sure you're protected along the way. We’ll make your purchase top priority.

So put away the image of a guy trying to sell you something. In most cases the house will speak to you, it'll sell itself to you. Part of my job is to make sure that place you're falling in love with is what you think it is, and to help you make an informed, smart purchase. I'm not really selling. I'm informing, and advising, and if it feels like the right one, we'll go after it and get it.



I'm just waiting on a friend